Home Webcam/Skype.


Are you coming home and you are exhausted, and you don’t want to go out, and you just wanting someone to talk to, are you far away and wanting to chat to connect with me.???

Before I go any further, I. am here to chat with you on Skype!!!!! I am thrilled to be offering this to you.

I do want to add on this service.. that many people need -simply somebody to talk to. And sometimes, that’s all a person needs before they are ready to take the next step.

Make no mistake.my one on one interactios are amazing , but if you cannot get to me then Skype is our answer.. which are essential to help alleviate feelings of loneliness. . Maybe they’re just a bridge between two realities – but sometimes, bridges are an essential part of the journey.

In terms of cost, 75 dollars for a 30 min webcam/Skype call. Etransfer only. passionbysteph@gmail.com

You’re not alone. Never forget that. In fact, you’re part of a rather large group…One in four people experience feelings of loneliness. That’s 25% of the population.

What matters is taking that first step towards self-care.

I am waiting for you…